Cutting to rooted tree

Most Ficus tree cuttings are capable of developing roots when submerged in water. It will take 3-6 months and the water needs to be changed ever 2-3 weeks. Once the roots start to appear, add a few granules of miracle grow fertilizer to to encourage root grow and cutting health.

Roots Appear

This next image shows 3 cuttings ready to be planted. Each has good root development and new shoots at the apex of the clipping.

Good root development, ready to plant!

This the left clipping after planting.

Newly planted clipping!

At this point you water every 3-4 days due to the small size of the pot. Re-pot the tree is about 2 years and prune and wire as needed to shape the tree to your liking. In about 10-15 years you will have a nice bonsai tree.

Author: Todd Thompson

Amateur bonsai enthusiast for the past 30+ years.

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